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Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terminology in the World of Learning English

Jan 14, 2015 |
Once you have started out to teach TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) lessons or if you are simply interested in the basics, you will encounter important terms that are usually ... Read more

When Choosing a Domain Name Avoid Abbreviations

Dec 23, 2014 |
Of course if you've been doing your homework on choosing domain names you've come across numerous people advocating a short, one-word domain name. By now, after wasted hours feeding words into a ... Read more

Summary of Common Abbreviations in CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras With OSD (on Screen Displays)

Dec 23, 2014 |
NIGHT TIME FEATURES AGC: Automatic Gain Control This allows the CCTV camera to increase the video image quality in low light conditions. This provides a better effect and brighter picture ... Read more

Abbreviations and How to Write Them

Dec 23, 2014 |
Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or short words made up of groups of letters. Their purpose is to provide readily-understandable substitutes for clusters of words and so aid the reading ... Read more

Understanding Auto Repair Abbreviations

Dec 23, 2014 |
Like any specialized field, auto repair has its own unique set of abbreviations. Used by professionals, the abbreviations can seem to create a completely different language. This can be frustrating ... Read more

Common Abbreviations and Definitions for Car Monitors and Auto Electronics

Dec 23, 2014 |
A quick guide for beginners to the common abbreviations associated with car monitors or auto electronics entertainment systems. The so called car DVD monitor system has gained incredible ... Read more