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Glass and Mirrors

How to Make Your Antique Mirrors and Glass Doors Look Amazing Again

Jan 10, 2015 |
People do not realize that they are sitting in a gold mine when they are walking around in an old house, surrounded by old furniture that their parent or even grandparents own. The value of these ... Read more

Uses And Features Of Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Dec 18, 2014 |
The acrylic sheet is a resilient mirror sheet which includes a reflective surface. These sheets are painted by a polymer paint that offers extra protection. It is then coated with polyurethane for a ... Read more

Glass Mirrors

Dec 18, 2014 |
Any surface capable of reflecting insufficient distributed light to form an image of an object placed in front of it is called a mirror. Its old-fashioned term is "looking-glass". They can be plane ... Read more

The Rich Historical Background of Mirrors

Dec 18, 2014 |
A mirror is often a centrepiece of interior decorating, containing both functional and aesthetic benefits. The strategic place of mirrors can add depth and fill a room with light. A decorative mirror ... Read more

Glass Mirrors Offered by American Furniture Manufactures

Dec 18, 2014 |
Many American furniture manufacturers offer glass mirrors to match specific furniture collections, while others offer mirrors as specific home accents. Glass mirrors are specified here because many ... Read more

Majestic Mirror Beveled Mirror

Jun 20, 2015 |
Make your room look elegant, charming and graceful with an antique touch of a mirror that you can mount on the wall of any rooms. The Majestic Mirror Beveled Mirror is such a mirror that offers you ... Read more

Essentials Energetic Mirror

Jun 20, 2015 |
Add the finishing touch to your room with this stylish orange accented mirror, part of the Energetic collection from Essentials by Connie Post. ... Read more

Block Connection Mirror

Apr 22, 2015 |
If you're looking for a mirror that adds plenty of artistic charm, look no further than the Block Connection mirror. Featuring bold blocks of color around a beveled mirror, it's sure to make guests ... Read more

Metal Framed Floor Mirror

Apr 18, 2015 |
Mirror, mirror. This tall, clean-lined Metal Floor Mirror works perfectly leaned against a wall. Its lightweight and subtle frame adds a finished touch without competing with other furnishings. ... Read more

Specialty Mirror Trio

Apr 18, 2015 |
Specialty Mirror Trio Includes Soft Frame Flat Mirror, Soft Frame Bubble Mirror, and Soft Frame Concave Bubble Mirror Soft frame emphasizes reflective possibilities for all ages Mount ... Read more

Hubbardton Forge Leaf Mirror

Apr 16, 2015 |
In the bath, over a hall table or in the bedroom, our mirrors are simple and understated and serve as the perfect complement to our entire lighting family. Dress up your bathrooms with tra ... Read more

Kichler Nogaro Painted Metal Mirror

Apr 14, 2015 |
If you thought mirror frames had to be bulky, imposing things, think again - the frame on the  Kichler Nogaro Painted Metal Mirror - 37.5 diam. in.  has a breezy, airy look you’ll ... Read more

Mirror Mirror iPhone Case

Apr 11, 2015 |
Barbie inspired Moschino iPhone case with mirrored front and rubber handle. Fits the iPhone 5 and 5S. ... Read more

Fused Glass Shadowbox

Apr 10, 2015 |
Beautifully fused glass in shades of yellows and purples with accents of clear dichroic glass set inside a shadowbox by glass artist Cher Thompson Austin. Cher’s works are assemblages of ... Read more

Rayne Mirrors Jovie Jane Roman Wall Mirror

Apr 10, 2015 |
The handsome Roman copper bronze beveled Wall Mirror will add a touch of elegance to any room. The smooth cracked bronze finish to complement a wide range of decor. This mirror's abstract ... Read more

Solid Wood Frame Mirror . Traditional Style.

Apr 2, 2015 |
Solid Wood Frame Mirror         . Traditional Style. * Wood is intentionally distressed and accented with a Colonial Cherry finish to create an antique design ... Read more

Solid Wood Frame Mirro

Apr 2, 2015 |
 . Traditional Style. Hand crafted detailed ornamentation from one piece of solid wood. * Wood is intentionally distressed and accented with a Colonial Cherry finish to create an antique design ... Read more

Lancaster Landscape Mirror

Apr 2, 2015 |
Combining traditional charm and exquisite execution, the Stickley Lancaster Collection upholds the refined grace of the past but with a modern sophistication. ... Read more

Calvet mirror

Apr 1, 2015 |
In contrast with what happened in general to almost all the Modernista furniture which ended up going out of fashion, funiture designed by Gaudi is still as modern today as it was when it was ... Read more


Apr 1, 2015 |
The Barbara Barry Original collection for Kallista reflects a deep appreciation for the details of living ... Read more