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Randomized Things

How to Win Random Games of Chance

Jan 8, 2015 |
Games of chance are normally games that people bet on, with the hopes of winning money. Most of these games have random outcomes or as close to random as is possible. That means that on any one game, ... Read more

Research Randomizer

Apr 11, 2016 |
Program uses a Java Script random number generator to produce customized sets of random numbers for use in a variety of research situations. ... Read more

Pseudo random number generators

Apr 11, 2016 |
C++ and binary code libraries for generating floating point and integer random numbers with uniform and non-uniform distributions. ... Read more

Ankur Pruthi's Blog

Mar 15, 2016 |
My thoughts and writings on random things. ... Read more


Mar 15, 2016 |
Keep it on topic, blatant ads will be swiftly deleted. Haunted by repeating numbers, recurring themes in the world around you or like Agent Smith. ... Read more

Free Animal Trivia Web Quizzes

Mar 15, 2016 |
Animal articles, Animal games for kids, endangered species, wildlife information, amazing animal facts, learning games for kids, animal kingdom, animal computer games, dog pets. Cats, monkeys, exotic ... Read more

Rantings of an Unexploded Scotsman

Mar 15, 2016 |
Random thoughts and things better left unsaid.  ... Read more


Mar 15, 2016 |
Random thoughts about knitting, her dog Casey, and other interesting things. ... Read more


Feb 2, 2016 |
An eclectic mix of my photography, views and thoughts. As a photographer, I work in a variety of styles - often utilising image manipulation techniques, both in camera and in post production. I ... Read more