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Arts and Crafts Doors for a Fun Change

Dec 29, 2014 |
When all doors start looking the same, then perhaps it's time to step outside the big box retail stores and look for different door designs entirely. There are a myriad of door styles that you simply ... Read more

Can You "Feng Shui" an Arts and Crafts Booth?

Dec 29, 2014 |
Many people use the term "feng shui" very loosely, but as a verb the implication is to do something which can change a space to attract more business to the vendor. Even though you cannot do the ... Read more

Some Facts About Indian Arts And Crafts

Dec 29, 2014 |
Every country has its own culture and tradition. It has some history and some story of its origin. It is this history, tradition and cultural values of people that give them a distinct identity. The ... Read more

How To Make Money With Arts And Crafts

Nov 27, 2014 |
I have been to many arts and craft fairs and festivals in my life and there's on thing I notice in all of them. They are busy. If you pay attention to what's going on at these fairs and festivals, ... Read more

Craft Book Publisher? The Person You're Looking For Is You

Nov 27, 2014 |
So you've written your book - or you've got a great idea together - and you're looking for a craft book publisher, right? That's what you need, isn't it? Someone to print and distribute it? It might ... Read more

Craft Publishers - Necessary Evil Or Unacceptable Cost

Nov 27, 2014 |
If you go back a few years and you wanted to write and publish a craft book you were in the unenviable position of needing to find craft publishers. A quick search would turn up several, but finding ... Read more

Carol Duvall Crafts - Wood Craft Patterns

Nov 27, 2014 |
Carol Duvall is known to be as the "queen of crafts". With her show entitled the "Carol Duvall Show", she is able to share her expertise on the field of crafts. The show is telecast everyday on HGTV ... Read more

Making Money With a Home Crafts Business

Nov 27, 2014 |
Thinking of starting a home crafts business? Handmade crafts have grown in popularity because people want something different and special. Here are some great tips and ideas about turning your hobby, ... Read more

Supreme Silk Screen & Embroidery

Jul 16, 2016 |
3575 Kennedy Rd,
South Plainfield NJ 07080
(908) 561-0105
Supreme Silk Screen & Embroidery and Bcs Machine and Manufacturing have served the community since 1964. It is a second generation family owned business that takes pride in their expertise. From CNC ... Read more

Arts and Crafts

Jul 16, 2016 |
932 46th St
Brooklyn NY 11219
(718) 431-9300
Offering craft kits, crunch art, floam, build a bear, and a variety of arts and crafts organized by age groups. ... Read more

Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor

Jul 16, 2016 |
26 W 8th St
New York NY 10011
(646) 678-5263
The Arts and Crafts Movement was a cultural revolt against the ideals of industrialization. Like the movement, our concept is a revolt against the standard New York City Sports Bar, with its loud ... Read more