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Semantic Web

Semantic Web Services

Dec 22, 2014 |
It's always exciting to get a glimpse of a new innovative technology just before it really takes off. One of the more interesting Web prospects is Semantic Web Services. Today, Web Services are ... Read more

What is the Semantic Web?

Dec 22, 2014 |
A fellow named John Markoff wrote a piece for the "New York Times" in 2006 that stirred up quite a heated discussion, one that continues to this day. He proposed, early in the scheme of things but ... Read more

The Semantic Web: A Definition and Brief Introduction

Dec 22, 2014 |
Although it's quite a popular phrase to discuss as of late, it's not always clear what people mean when they mention the Semantic Web. First of all, it's not some sort of miracle new technology or ... Read more

The Semantic Web

Dec 22, 2014 |
The need for information is infinite and the more you get the more you want. Information is the key to making informed decisions. The more we know the better we get and the better we get the more want ... Read more