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Security and Encryption

Why You Shouldn't Have Fear Using Encryption

Dec 22, 2014 |
As a cyber user cannot really judge from where or at what time a cyber threat may target him or his online activities. To deal with such situation encryption is helpful. Working on the principal ... Read more

Email Encryption: Essential Business Communication Security

Dec 22, 2014 |
The Internet gave the world access to free information but it cost people their privacy. How then do you keep abreast of what's new without sacrificing confidentiality? If you have a company which ... Read more

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Dec 22, 2014 |
After discovering that the computers you've just purchased for your business come with encryption software built into the operating system, you may wonder how you're going to manage all those recovery ... Read more

VoIP Security and Encryption

Dec 22, 2014 |
In the age of electronic communications, governments don't like to know that there are certain technologies that are beyond their control. With the traditional PSTN phone system, tapping a call was ... Read more